Expert coaching by a professional relationship systems coach enables teams to truly grasp their operating patterns and relationship dynamics. From there, exceptional performance becomes more than just a possibility.

By understanding what is going on within a team—or between teams in different parts of the organization or across different parts of the world—coaches enable the team (or group) to crack the code of its unique way of working. This creates opportunity for harnessing the full potential available when the range of knowledge, diversity of approaches and skill sets, are effectively combined.

Working with the leading edge Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching model (ORSC) developed by CRR Global, I offer (usually in tandem with another certified coach) customized programs for teams and workgroups at all stages in the forming, storming, norming and performing cycle.

For existing teams, be they high performers wanting to raise the bar or dysfunctional systems in breakdown or anything in between, I can design (with your internal experts and your input) off-sites, retreats and workshops suited to a team’s specific requirements.

What I do for your team:

  • Examining its challenges and detrimental patterns of behavior
  • Aligning around a common purpose
  • Designing conscious agreements around operating principles and behaviors
  • Articulating and setting clear, shared goals and priorities
  • Communicating more effectively every day
  • Dealing with conflicts as they emerge