“Coaching with Gilly has been a life-changing experience. It has opened my eyes to see that I actually share all responsibility for the way my life is (the things that are there, as well as the things that are missing), and a bit share of the responsibility of how others treat and relate to me, both professionally and outside the office. The process has also taught me (I guess this is a process, but the coaching has started it) to claim the things that I want and need in my life – the move from sitting in the passenger seat to driving the car, and deciding where my life is heading, and what I want to include into my life. Importantly, Gilly's feedback has made me realize that, without willingness to take risks, and risking to failure, nothing can be achieved in life. I don’t want to let fear control my life, and I am willing to accept that this may involve the occasional failure, though I think that even trying new things, even if they do not ultimately turn out the way one has thought, is not a failure, but rather an achievement for having tried, and one certainly learns a lot while trying and doing.

--Senior Associate Competition lawyer, CGSH.

  • Opening my eyes +

    I have found coaching with Gilly very helpful in reminding Read More
  • A sounding board to clarify thoughts +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very helpful—partially as a means Read More
  • Action-oriented +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very supportive, eye opening, inspirational Read More
  • Standing up for myself +

    “Could it have been as simple as you opening up Read More
  • Rester a l'ecoute de moi-meme +

    “Suite a ce coaching je célèbre mon audace, mon culot Read More
  • Taking on responsibilites that fulfill me +

    “The work with Gilly has encouraged me to challenge myself Read More
  • Probing questions +

    “I think Gilly is great at getting me to think Read More
  • Difficult but fun +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been wonderful, difficult at times, eye-opening, Read More
  • Watching myself from the outside +

    “The coaching was a great experience and I haven’t regretted Read More
  • Identifying my value system +

    “The Impact of the coaching on me? It has given Read More
  • From passenger seat to driving the car +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been a life-changing experience. It has Read More
  • My excuses are challenged +

    “The coaching relationship with Gilly was both very nurturing and Read More
  • Less emotional at work +

    “The coaching has helped me take the emotion out my Read More
  • Making time for what matters +

    “I now give myself a break when I am being Read More
  • Not for the fainthearted +

    “Not for the fainthearted! Gilly is one of those rare Read More
  • I learned to be courageous +

    “I became more self confident in my work and private Read More
  • Making a difference +

    “Gilly you have helped me a lot over this year. Read More
  • The power of conversation +

    “The last talk we had (ad hoc, 15 minutes in Read More
  • Energizing +

    “Gilly you are indeed amazing!! I just can't put into Read More
  • Seeing the missing links +

    “In a way, it was like the decision to start Read More
  • Discovery +

    “There is so much for which I want to thank Read More
  • Confidence in my abillities +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very helpful. Partially as a Read More
  • Seeing the big picture +

    “I was able to breathe again and step back. I Read More
  • Possibilites have opened up +

    “The coaching was productive, warm, mutually respectful, honest. You occasionally Read More
  • Helping me manage transition +

    “The transition that took place for me this last year Read More
  • Capturing thoughts +

    "Gilly is extremely insightful and helps me to capture thoughts Read More
  • Helping me see my blindspots +

    “I decided to work with Gilly because I wanted someone Read More
  • Not the same old stories +

    "Gilly is an extremely smart, fierce and loving coach. She Read More
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