“Suite a ce coaching je célèbre mon audace, mon culot et le fait que je sois restée concentrée sur mon objectif. Aujourd’hui, six mois après avoir entamé le processus de coaching, je ne regrette aucune decision que j’ai prise et je continue sur ma lancée. J’ai été et tenterai toujours de rester à l’écoute de moi-même. C’est parfois difficile de garder le cap, surtout si les gens de votre entourage) ne vous comprennent, mais alors la pas du tout… Tant pis pour eux. Il faut tenir bon. On n’a qu’une vie et je ne voulais pas déjà devoir renoncer aux choses que j’aime (avant 30 ans).”

--Chief Legal Counsel to ministerial cabinet, Belgium.

  • Opening my eyes +

    I have found coaching with Gilly very helpful in reminding Read More
  • A sounding board to clarify thoughts +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very helpful—partially as a means Read More
  • Action-oriented +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very supportive, eye opening, inspirational Read More
  • Standing up for myself +

    “Could it have been as simple as you opening up Read More
  • Rester a l'ecoute de moi-meme +

    “Suite a ce coaching je célèbre mon audace, mon culot Read More
  • Taking on responsibilites that fulfill me +

    “The work with Gilly has encouraged me to challenge myself Read More
  • Probing questions +

    “I think Gilly is great at getting me to think Read More
  • Difficult but fun +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been wonderful, difficult at times, eye-opening, Read More
  • Watching myself from the outside +

    “The coaching was a great experience and I haven’t regretted Read More
  • Identifying my value system +

    “The Impact of the coaching on me? It has given Read More
  • From passenger seat to driving the car +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been a life-changing experience. It has Read More
  • My excuses are challenged +

    “The coaching relationship with Gilly was both very nurturing and Read More
  • Less emotional at work +

    “The coaching has helped me take the emotion out my Read More
  • Making time for what matters +

    “I now give myself a break when I am being Read More
  • Not for the fainthearted +

    “Not for the fainthearted! Gilly is one of those rare Read More
  • I learned to be courageous +

    “I became more self confident in my work and private Read More
  • Making a difference +

    “Gilly you have helped me a lot over this year. Read More
  • The power of conversation +

    “The last talk we had (ad hoc, 15 minutes in Read More
  • Energizing +

    “Gilly you are indeed amazing!! I just can't put into Read More
  • Seeing the missing links +

    “In a way, it was like the decision to start Read More
  • Discovery +

    “There is so much for which I want to thank Read More
  • Confidence in my abillities +

    “Coaching with Gilly has been very helpful. Partially as a Read More
  • Seeing the big picture +

    “I was able to breathe again and step back. I Read More
  • Possibilites have opened up +

    “The coaching was productive, warm, mutually respectful, honest. You occasionally Read More
  • Helping me manage transition +

    “The transition that took place for me this last year Read More
  • Capturing thoughts +

    "Gilly is extremely insightful and helps me to capture thoughts Read More
  • Helping me see my blindspots +

    “I decided to work with Gilly because I wanted someone Read More
  • Not the same old stories +

    "Gilly is an extremely smart, fierce and loving coach. She Read More
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