Taking stock
Coaching helps you examine what's really going on at this stage of your career, forcing you to pause and examine what you are doing/not doing, what's working and what's not.

Building on your strengths
Coaching trains you to leverage your potential and natural strengths more fully and more systematically, while exploring what course adjustments are needed, for accelerating progress.

Setting objectives & direction
Coaching forces you to think out loud about your objectives, the 'why' and 'how' behind them. Coaching helps you identify where you are headed, strip the baggage holding you from getting there, and focus on what's essential. Coaching provides a rigorous yet open enough framework to explore and weigh your choices and the actions you could take. Just like your approaches to people and to decisions, your actions must support your objectives, not sabotage them.

Understanding your impact
It's critical to grasp the impact you have or could have on your team and on those around you: peers, bosses, clients, media. By dialing up your self-awareness, coaching helps you understand how you are seen and experienced by others. This is when you begin to appreciate your impact more fully--the intended and the unintended. This sharper awareness ultimately equips you to behave in ways that serve both your leadership and goals, and enhance your influence and effectiveness.