What's the format?
Standard coaching is generally, when geographically possible, an initial 2-hour face-to-face session, then a series of 1-hour conversations, twice a month for a minimum of 4 months.

The rhythm of the sessions provides a regular dose of reflection and invites follow-through. One hour is short; this limited time forces coach and client to tackle the essential elements so that the coaching gets to the point, by-passes small-talk, and focuses on what needs attention.

How do client and coach meet?
Face to face or via Skype or on the phone. Client and coach remain in contact,throughout the duration of the coaching contract, by email or text or even brief phone calls, as per the client's needs. From the moment the coaching contract is signed, communication is not restricted to the actual coaching sessions because there is a co-active relationship in place.

How long before results show?
Though it typically takes at least 3 months to experience tangible shifts from coaching, some of the subtle shifts that occur within the space of one coaching session can have a profound impact.

What happens between coaching sessions?
There are clear take-aways the client acquires with each session: pieces of awareness, new learnings, reflections, a lot to chew on. In order to evolve, the client commits to converting the take-aways into action by applying them in everyday life. The coach is a witness to these commitments and holds the client accountable to them in ways that will be co-designed between client and coach. This is known as homework.

For any other questions on the modalities or logistics of coaching, or to schedule a complimentary sample session, please contact me.